Jessica's story

Suspicions gave way to what her heart wanted to feel. After obtaining the services of expert professionals at A.L.I. Agency, Jessica reported she was suspecting her husband was involved with a co-worker. She expressed her concern to him, and asked him if this was true.


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Success Stories 

Hazing is defined as follows: No person shall engage in what is commonly known and recognized as hazing, or encouraged, aid, or assist any other person thus offending. Alabama is one of six states that have a “Duty to Report” clause in its anti-hazing statute. In other words, to be aware of hazing and failing to report it is illegal in Alabama.

ALI Agency Inc. is now an apart of the movement to eliminate hazing in all schools in Alabama. You can report any hazing incidents in schools across Alabama anonymously. We will investigate each case reported thoroughly and substantiate the report to help put an end to hazing in our schools. This movement is in support of the “Rodney Kim Jr” case and many other cases that like this. This can be a step forward to get justice for those who have been hazed, and also save many from getting hazed. Feel free to contact us by calling our anonymous hotline, or emailing us with any suspicions or concerns with hazing in our schools. All contact information is listed above. If you have any friends or team mates that are afraid or ashamed to come forward, please contact us. As an Alabama resident, it is our duty to report hazing so we may put an end to these cruel and unjust actions. Don’t forget to join our Facebook group at “Safety First, Stop Hazing”

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Richards story

After 23 years of marriage Richard experienced what so many successful individuals do. The right to pay alimony. While conducting online research in detectives and private investigations services in Mobile, Richard spoke with A.L.I. Agency expressing his desire to determine the cohabitation of his ex-wife and her new love interest. 

“Safety First, Stop Hazing!”
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Employers Services story

Employers Services came to A.L.I. Agency after searching out detectives and private investigations services in Ocean Springs; with a complaint of an employee recently out of work on an injury due to a severe burn. A.L.I. Agency began an investigation immediately 

In support of Rodney Kim, Jr. and any other hazing victim. Please leave an anonymous tip on the hotline or email to identify the individuals responsible for this and​ other hazing incidents! us all stop hazing.

At A.L.I. Agency, we want to make sure our clients fully understand the detective and private investigation services offered in Mobile. Our clients may have searched for detectives and private investigation services in Mobile yet still have questions they need answers to prior to hiring. We work hard to answer all of their questions as quickly as possible. If you are in Mississippi our detective and private investigation services in Ocean Springs are handled in the same professional manner. 

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