B. King - his story

Mr. King has lived in multiple areas of the world graduating high school in Clarksville, TN.  He is a proud father of three amazing children. He is a dedicated member of the Mason Organization for over 19 years and volunteers in nursing homes and the community helping the elderly frequently. Mr. King has worked in the surveillance field for well over 10 years, touts over 11 years in loss prevention and asset protection as well as bail enforcement. He received an Associates of Arts degree in information technology from the University of Phoenix. Mr. King is a die hard (Who Dat) New Orleans Saints and Los Angeles Lakers fan. His passion is to start an organization to help men understand how to become better fathers, men and upstanding citizens in their communities. He aims to set examples for his and other children and strengthen their relationships with their parents, siblings and families. Mr. King brings the wisdom and talents to the agency to better understand sensitive family issues that often occur within the investigation process. He has a talent trifold to include extremely strong technical skills as well as discreet surveillance and covert operations abilities. 



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R. Johnson-her story

AL. PI LIc. 279

Mrs. Johnson is a veteran private investigator that began her career in Tennessee in the late 1990's. After finding herself at a point in her life she needed to "reinvent herself" and while attending MTSU as an agriculture major decided to turn to what came natural to her. Thus, spawned a budding private investigator. She noticed early on in her career that her talents were apparent in finding uncovered truths. Over the last 20 years her passion for the private investigations field have led to high successes in finding missing persons, working with legal professionals in the areas of human injustices, solving unsolved/difficult domestic crimes, protection of children's rights and many more avenues of the complex world of investigating. She is a wife and partner of a fellow private eye and mother of 5 from a blended family, a lover of all outdoors and an animal protection advocate. Because of her own family dynamic, her patience and understanding of what situations a person might find themselves faced with at times in their life is what gives her the skill, talents and the experience that is now in-grained in her nature. She will find the answers to missing puzzles in your life or provide evidence unseen to aid in your defense or litigation issues.  Let Mrs. Johnson become an advocate for you and handle your responsive investigative solutions. 

  • A team of licensed private investigator's with more than 40 years combined experience 
  • A free no-obligation consultation discussing your investigation needs
  • Low retainer fee and hourly rate agreed in advance and not dependent on income level
  • Personal case manager 
  • Same day information request filled
  • Current reporting and video techniques and modalities
  • Immediate access to your case file through our up-to-date case tracking software
  • Detailed reports, video and photo cd
  • Court testimony

​​Alabama Legal Investigations Agency, LLC

Here at Alabama Legal Investigations Agency, we are dedicated to you and your sensitive investigation needs. We boast a team of experts and private detectives with high levels of experience to fulfill all aspects of investigation from surveillance to missing persons, child custody, cheating partners, homicide and more. Our private investigations firm will pair you with a personal case manager that will prepare you and your investigative team for the most efficient and effective case possible.. 

We'are an agency offering detective services in Mobile, AL., Ocean Springs, MS. and surrounding areas for over 19 years, winning awards and noted accolades for the best private investigation firm in our region. but, our most important win is making you a happy, life-long client and friend. 



​​Detective and Private Investigations Services in Mobile, AL. and Ocean Springs,  MS.  ​​​​

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R. Bateman-his story

​AL. PI Lic. 145

Mr. Bateman is a natural talent A.L.I. Agency recruited to bring a well rounded level of talent to the agencies structure and team. He brings to the table a skill level incomparable to none. His background is of a local nature affording him the knowledge of all areas and cultures within our region. Mr. Bateman knows the ins and outs of field investigating by perfecting this talent for over 10 years. He has a strong technical background that lends his education to his experience allowing for a perfect combination between streets smarts and book smarts. This is a unique talent not often seen in investigating. He shares his life with his wife and two children and favorite activities are our states college sports, mountain biking and guns. His desires are to help the disadvantaged jilted spouse to sleuthing behind the scenes of an injury claim to determine an employers level of responsibility  to discreet undercover operations of any nature, Mr. Bateman has the experience and drive to bring in the evidence that is needed to close that missing link in any situation. Let Mr. Bateman be your ally against your adversaries. 


We know it's often hard to find the confidence to hire a private investigator to uncover hidden facts and expose the truth.  It leaves you, the victim in many cases, vulnerable and your open wounds exposed. Let the detectives with A.L.I. Agency expose the truth and close that gaping wound.

Our private investigator's will utilize their extensive knowledge base combined with personal life experiences as well as thorough training and skill levels beyond the norm to provide you with the confidence you seek.

A. Herold-his story

Mr. Herold is a natural talent A.L.I. Agency recruited to bring a well rounded level of talent to the agencies structure and team. His background is of a local nature affording him the knowledge of all areas and cultures within our region. Mr. Herold got his start in retail investigations over five years ago. There he worked hand in hand with law enforcement to investigate and solve theft and fraud related crimes. He has since transferred his skill into filed investigations; bringing with him his passion to uncover the truth, whatever the situation may be. Mr. Herold  has traveled most of the country and is comfortable around all cultures, in any setting. Helping aid in his ability to blend into any environment his job might take him. This is a unique talent not often seen in investigating. His favorite activities are skydiving, music and photography. His desires are to help the disadvantaged, jilted spouse to sleuthing behind the scenes of an injury claim to determine an employers level of responsibility to discreet undercover operations of any nature, Mr. Herold has the experience and drive to bring in the evidence needed to close that missing link in any situation.

C. Johnson-his story

AL. PI Lic. 485

Mr. Johnson began his career in the mid 1990's working as a part time bail enforcer in the panhandle of Texas and Oklahoma, converting his skills and talents to the private investigations field in early 2000. With a background so diverse from working the fields in farming to oil-field production to arbor-level domestic forestry, Mr. Johnson found himself taking on cases of an undercover and covert nature, honing his surveillance and investigation skills through old fashioned private eye work. His love and talents of "blending" became second nature to him early on and 16 years later still finds that skill to be extremely crucial in working cases from child custody, cheating spouses, unsolved crimes, homicide and accidental death, criminal defense and wrongful convictions  to determining the day to day activity level of injured and malingering employees. Mr. Johnson is a partner, husband and father of a large family with a love of the outdoors and big-boy toys that run fast. He can handle situations from determining internal thefts, corporate and business crimes, brand protection, drug crimes to looking for a lost loved ones. Mr. Johnson has the predilection to see every case handled in the prudent manner in which it should be. Let Mr. Johnson be your emissary, closing the gap between truth and injustice. 

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Our Support Staff

We love our support staff. They bring a level of professionalism to our offices that is conveyed daily with the degree in which they interact with each other, our investigative team, our sales team, and most importantly our clients. We offer each client personal attention whether it be from Wendy answering your questions about our cheating spouse investigations to Madonna working with you one on one to establish a case file for our investigators to assist in their daily investigations. Both of these professional women are highly trained, educated and skillful in the support field of investigations. Both are wives and mothers, and are involved locally in their respective communities. Their compassion and understanding of your situation both emotionally and confidentially are always of the utmost importance to them no matter if you have retained the services of our agency or are just inquiring about our services. They are here to help and cherish being the first person you speak with when contacting our agency. Our case managers work in the support division as well as our fine front end staff. They will work closely with you and your family and the assigned investigator's on your case. They come from all walks of life with a diverse background to support their knowledge of investigations, video and evidence procurement, case file collaboration to handling of private and sensitive situations on a daily basis. Lorenzo is a man that has experienced some hardships in life that he feels makes him a more diligent and understanding case manager. He has trained with a team of men and woman from a previous career that lead him to levels of confidence most of us are unable to accomplish, thus placing him as our lead case manager. Ann brings to the team a female perspective along with a education and experience handling claims for large insurance companies. This gives her more insight into the legal ins and outs of handling cases and helping clients understand the process of the investigation. Both work closely with the support staff and utilize a team of vetted assistants to support their goal and mission of securing, organizing, and working as your personal liaison during your case initiation.