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Victims of Crimes

A.L.I. Agency upholds a unique team of highly skilled criminal investigators that can aid a victim of a crime in the resolution and restitution of that crime. We work closely with Local, State, and Federal Prosecutors to maintain and uphold evidence in your case as well as produce evidence not found during initial phase of law enforcement investigations. We understand that these departments within our City and County governments have the best intentions and often handle these investigations to their fullest capabilities but are on the mercy of their departments funds, resources, and schedules all of which may have made them unable to fully investigate the crime against you. At A.L.I. Agency your case manager will work side by side with your investigator to ensure you receive the most thorough investigation possible to secure the peace of mind you are looking for.

Specializing In Civil And Criminal Litigation Support and Private Investigations in Mobile, AL. & Ocean Springs, MS.

Looking for litigation support services in Alabama or Mississippi? A.L.I Agency specializes in criminal and litigation support services. Staffed with qualified private investigators, we are a dependable name for criminal and litigation support. If you are hiring a private investigator, A.L.I. Agency is here to help. 

Besides Alabama and Mississippi, we provide criminal and litigation support services in other nearby states.

Our detectives and private investigations firm as whole specialize in various areas of civil and criminal litigation support, including conducting both witness and victim interviews, interrogations, and recorded statements whether you are the defendant or plaintiff.

With more than 19 years of experience in handling discreet investigations in Mobile and Ocean Springs as well as litigation support, our qualified investigators can help resolve the litigation process as accurately and quickly as possible. They offer a wide range of litigation support services to support your legal case. Aimed at saving time and money, we deliver the best possible results that suit your litigation needs.

Our skilled private investigators can also support litigation with covert surveillance, accident or traffic scene investigations, full background and asset searches, defense investigations, City/State and Federal court records retrieval, due diligence, evidence testimony and Service of Process.

Criminal Defense

So you have been charged with a crime. You are still entitled to the best defense possible. At Alabama Legal Investigations, our private investigators have the technical abilities to do that for you. Our private and individual status allows us to conduct investigations for the defense team. From understanding the ins and outs of preservation of evidence, to knowing the complex procedures used by law enforcement to conduct witness interrogations. Our private investigators understand the policy procedures of police informants and how they are utilized in cases. We confirm all aspects of informants tips and activities within your casefile are legal and compliant.

We search for inconsistencies and misstatements and prior criminal activities of witnesses and informants. We Analyze police reports, verify witness information and statements match historical data such as time, dates, places, weather conditions, visibility conditions and more. A.L.I. Agency detectives locate past and new witnesses, conduct in-depth thorough recorded interviews, discredit and validate new leads and produce new evidence if possible. We work closely with your defense legal team to aid in your speedy and thorough defense trial.

A.L.I. Agency’s private investigators possess the necessary training and certifications to provide cost efficient and reliable criminal and litigation support services for even the most difficult cases. Our goal is provide every client with maximum personal attention with prompt responses.

Each private investigator from our firm recognizes the necessity for compassion, good judgment, and attention to detail. Moreover, we ensure that each client’s confidentiality is maintained to the fullest. We will also not share the information you provide us with any external party.

To get to know more about our litigation support services, consult a free consultation with our detective team any time. Available round the clock to assist you, our private investigators will provide you with trusted guidance for your case. Click here to speak to one today. You won’t be disappointed.