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Supporting the Wrongfully Convicted through Post Conviction Relief Investigations

Post conviction relief and wrongful convictions have become a hot topic across our country with this day and age of DNA testing advances. The post-conviction process is in place to protect innocent individuals from inherent human error in the criminal justice system.

One study cites 10,000 innocent people are convicted each year in the United States, however, overturning a conviction after dozens of appeals and petitions have been denied is notoriously difficult.

Regardless of the difficulty, prisoners can still attain freedom if  legitimate innocence can be proven. The most common method is by using DNA evidence to disprove a crime that happened before DNA testing was a viable option but undiscovered evidence as well as withheld evidence can also aid in the Courts decision to overturn sentences and exonerate. 

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Centurion Ministries pioneered the 'innocence work' taking their first wrongful conviction case in 1980 and three short years later in 1983 had an exoneration. Their focus  to exonerate through field investigations nationwide, while the Innocence Project's followed suite were founded to exonerate those convicted wrongfully through DNA with more than 300 post-conviction DNA exoneration's in the United States, establishing non-profits centralized to the State (in most cases) where the wrongful conviction occurred.

​In most recent years there have been numerous projects and programs established to assist in proving innocence, such as The Center on Wrongful Convictions, The Innocence Network, Death Penalty Information Center, and many more.  

Alabama Legal Investigations Agency's private investigators work with many of these innocence work associations as well as private attorneys to help build a defense for the wrongfully convicted; whether it be through production of new evidence, locating and interviewing newly discovered witnesses, confirming facts associated with the original trial that may not be factual or legitimate to verifying interview statements and witness credibility of testimony given during initial trial phase.

A.L.I. Agency has the skills and knowledge to work collectively with the defense team and shares the same passion of exonerating the innocent. If you are working with an Innocence network or defense team and need Investigative experience and help don't hesitate to call...WE CAN HELP! 251-272-3499 or 228-447-4696