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Workers’ Compensation

Each year employers lose billions of dollars paying out fraudulent workers compensation claims and malingering insurance fraud claims. As an honest employer you’re entitled to the truth whenever faced with the possibility of fraudulent claims. False claims not only cost your business and insurers money, they also set an extremely negative precedent and create a culture of dishonesty within the workplace. As a fair practice, it always pays to investigate all claims of injury.

Insuring that workers compensation and insurance claims are justly deserved to those injured saves you money and deters from the possibility of employees making false claims.  A.L.I Agency can aid in the reduction of claims paid, reduce overall compensation and insurance ratings through a thorough and vigilant surveillance and information gathering process to support employers and insurance companies in fighting this epidemic that has spread to all industries alike in the most recent years.

Service Of Process

A.L.I.  Agency private investigators possess the necessary training and certifications to provide cost efficient, time effective, professional process service for even the most difficult litigant to serve. We cover most types of documents, including small business claims, court summons and complaints, cross complaints, personal and civil subpoenas, divorce, child support, wage garnishments, bank levy, judgment debtor examination, domestic restraining order, and eviction or foreclosures.

Private investigations In Mobile and Ocean Springs

A.L.I Agency provides a wide range of detective services in Mobile, Alabama, and Mississippi as well as other States. From family law and infidelity, to backgrounds and asset searches, we cater to all types of investigations to make hiring a private investigator a simpler process. Our qualified team handling private investigations in Mobile and surrounding areas work around the clock to get the answers that you are looking for. Rest assured, our service is confidential to maintain your privacy.

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