Richard's story continued

After Richard consulted with A.L.I. Agency's case manager and his represented attorney, it was determined the best course of action for him would be to prove through a cohabitation investigation determining frequent visitors and any marriages of his ex-wife. 

Over a course of a thirty-day period our accomplished and seasoned detectives started on the task at hand to confirm or deny the allegations of cohabitation of Richard's ex-wife with either a significant other or spouse. The team of professional private investigator's at A.L.I. Agency conducted a covert neighborhood canvass and learning that Richard's ex-wife did in fact have a boyfriend. Later on that same evening the surveillance team obtained video evidence of a male arriving at the residence, confirming his identity through a multitude of investigative efforts. Our team set forth with the daily documentation of the male subject's presence at the residence, varying the times of the day to include late night and very early morning. After concluding this phase of the investigation, our under-cover investigation team began their allocation of the investigation. While conducting covert undercover personal interaction with Richard's ex-wife, the precise and skilled private investigator's of A.L.I. Agency obtained video and recorded evidence from the ex-wife that she and her 'boyfriend' had lived at the residence over 3 years, she stated she was unemployed while her boyfriend operated a family business nearby. She reported that the neighborhood had always been safe and that in fact she had only seen the police there one time in 2 years and that was at her own residence when her 'boyfriend' called 911 at 3 am because she had stopped breathing in her sleep on night.

All of this information became legal evidence in the case and was obtained under the pretense of a concerned parent helping a single mother purchase her first home on the next block. 


A subsequent marital background search provided legal evidence the ex-wife had actually married the 'boyfriend' two years prior in another state. Richard took this evidence back to his attorney whom immediately filed an injunction to modify alimony. Upon yielding of evidence and testimony provided by the team of expert witnesses and investigator's of A.L.I. Agency, Richard won his case and alimony was dropped effective the first day of the following month. 

Richard was paying $4000.00 per month in alimony and had been for 3 years with a remaining 7 years left. That was a savings of over $300,00.00 for Richard. Although every alimony case may not be that exorbitant, with today's economy every dollar counts and money paid to an ex spouse that is not abiding court orders should be saved.  

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Jessica's Story continued

The husband vehemently denied he was having an affair, but his peculiar behavior continued. Jessica didn't let what her heart wanted interfere with what her gut was saying and pursued with A.L.I. Agency's detectives, and as a result, began to intercept her husband’s emails and text messages. As she suspected these interchanges between the co-worker and her husband had continued and even escalated in the days preceding his denial. 

Jessica wanted and needed valid, legal and visual  proof that her husband was, in fact, having an affair. During the free consultation with the case manager at A.L.I. Agency and it was unanimously determined surveillance would be the best action plan for the situation. Not only would it validate her fears, it could present evidence in a Court of Divorce of the affair. She knew she could not rely on her husband to be honest about the affair because he had already fervently denied it.

One afternoon shortly after the induction of the investigation Jessica's husband stated he had a work account emergency that would be taking him out of town that evening and he might be away for several days. Although this was not an unusual activity in his job, she alerted her case manager and immediately A.L.I. Agency private investigator's went to work.

Jessica, with the guidance of case management, provided our firm with her husband’s vehicle information, photo of him, and his employer. The goal was to have investigators from A.L.I. Agency positioned at the location where the husband was to reported to be traveling to  and to document if he was meeting his lover. As suspicion would have it, Jessica's husband was greeted in the hotel lobby by a female known to be his co-worker and whom she has suspected he was having the affair with. Through a very thorough surveillance and investigation, our firm's experienced private investigator's obtained proof the two were sharing a room, eating out together, eliciting moments of intimacy in public and generally acting as they were two single adults free to live life as they please.


Although Jessica's  worst fears had been validated by confirming that her husband had indeed been unfaithful to her, she was very grateful for the expertise and professional investigation that was conducted by A.L.I. Agency. along with her desire to know the truth, and the commitment of the investigator, she was able to make a decision that was best for her and their children.

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Employer Services Story continued

During a free consultation between our firm's case manager and the Human resources director of a corporate conglomerate, the employee claim file and injury report  was reviewed.

During that review the case manager conceded the employee had in fact incurred a burn within the scope of his employment, however at the time he became eligible to return to work by his treating physician, the employee now claimed he was still too injured to return. Part of his claim included a fear of fire and light, the inability to interact socially and reporting he had total vision impairment. As a trained fraud case manager, this type of a claim did not match the degree of the injury, sending up a red flag , assisted with a tip on the recorded fraud tip line from a fellow co-worker stating the employee had recently been seen at an wholesale electric supply house purchasing electrical supplies.  A.L.I. Agency's team of workers compensation surveillance experts were hired by the company's insurance carrier to conduct a due diligence investigation. During the initial surveillance the team noted the vehicle belonging to the claimant did in fact show scraps of electric wiring and components in the back. The adjuster then authorized a full surveillance  to determine the Claimant's daily activities. Over the course of a three week investigation our skilled private investigator's obtained incriminating evidence of the employee conducting estimates,engaged in electrical services in exchange for money, operating a vehicle on his own without the use of eye-wear, burning trash in the backyard, and socializing with a "lady of the evening" on two different occasions. 


Amidst the injury claim, the employee had retained legal counsel to aid in compensation of his injury. Once the investigation was complete, the company's insurance adjuster presented the evidence obtained by our firms expert surveillance investigator's and the pending lawsuit against this company was dropped, the employee was denied his benefits, the company saved thousands of dollars in a claim settlement, and the employee lost his position with the company.

Because of the degree of our firm's investigation we were able to add another successful fraud investigation to our portfolio 

and reduce the ever increasing epidemic of fraudulent workers compensation and insurance claims filed every day costing employers and tax payers millions every year in this country.

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